Safety & security

We ensure the safety of students, staff, visitors and property 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To contact our 24-hour Security Dispatch team, call 972-494-8911.

Security cameras, secured entrance vestibules at every school and a visitor registry system help ensure our students have a safe place to learn. Police officers are assigned to our schools to provide security, counseling and education. Emergency training and response plans are in place to make sure that students and staff know what to do in a crisis and that situations are communicated properly to the community in a timely manner.

Security procedures and resources

Learn more about our safety and security procedures and resources below.

Visitor registry

All visitors have to register with the front office before having access to the building. This is currently done with the Raptor System, which checks federal offender databases.

District identification badges

All staff and high school students wear ID badges while on district property and at district events.

Closed circuit television

We have more than 3,500 digital cameras to monitor activity. These cameras are on the interior and exterior of every school and allow staff at the district security control center to monitor activities in and around buildings on a 24-hour basis.

Through this system, we have seen a noticeable decline in vandalism at our schools. Captured video images have also aided our investigations into criminal activities in and around our schools.

Controlled access

Each school has a secured entrance vestibule to screen visitors before entering the building.

Exterior building doors are remotely controlled and monitored. This allows for quicker response time in the event of an emergency where doors need to be accessed or locked.

In addition, staff are trained to teach with their classroom doors locked and closed.

School Resource Officers

The district partners closely with the Garland, Rowlett and Sachse police departments. We have 47 armed school resource officers patrolling our campuses, with officers present daily at our middle and high school campuses. Added police officers are assigned at four to five elementary campuses on a rotating basis.

These officers provide security, counseling and education. See the School Resource Officer page to find SRO contact information for each campus.

Emergency response

Garland ISD partners with the I Love U Guys Foundation and adheres to the Foundation’s Standard Response Protocol.  This Protocol provides a common lexicon for response across the District and among community first responders.  Supporting materials for the Protocol have been distributed to all Garland ISD facilities and staff has been trained in each responsive plan of action. 

Those responses are as follows:

  • Lockout

  • Lockdown

  • Evacuate

  • Shelter
Emergency training

Each campus conducts a variety of emergency preparedness training, such as:

  • Shelter (weather)

  • Evacuation (to include fire drills)

  • Lockdown
Crisis communications plans

Public-address (PA) systems allow us to make emergency notifications to students and staff at our campuses.

The district has a robust system in place where key administrators are informed of an emergency situation.  Parents and other stakeholders can also be informed within minutes through the use of School Messenger, the district's website, GRS-TV and social media.

The goal is to quickly and accurately communicate essential information to first responders, district staff, parents and community members so the safety of children is maintained throughout an event.


Random searches

We conduct random searching, mainly at the secondary level. These searches, using a handheld metal detector, range from the random selection of vehicles, rooms, buses, parts of the building and could include adults who are present. Students entering the school may also be searched.

The searches are conducted by school administrators, district security staff, contracted K9 teams, and, when appropriate, local law enforcement.

The goal of each search is to deter anyone from bringing illegal or prohibited items into our schools.

Multi-hazard emergency operations plan

This plan encompasses many issues designed to prepare the district for a variety of emergency events. School crisis management teams discuss these issues throughout the year in order to be prepared to respond in a timely and accurate manner should the need arise.

Security audits

The Texas Education Code (chapter 37.108) requires that districts audit buildings and resources at least once every three years, with the results of the audit reported to the school board at the end of the three-year cycle.

Governor's plan for security

In May 2018, Governor Gregg Abbott released an action plan to help schools improve the safety and security of their students. The report outlined several strategies to enhance security. See how Garland ISD is meeting and exceeding the safety standards across the state on our Governor's plan page.

Safety & Security Committee

Key district administrators and representatives from local police departments work together to implement programs and procedures for supporting student and staff safety.




2021-22 Safety & Security Committee Members

  • Jaime Miller, Board President
  • Wesley Johnson, Board Member
  • Daphne Stanley, Board Member
  • Dr. Ricardo Lopez, Superintendent
  • Dr. Brent Ringo, Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Shelley Garrett, Assistant Superintendent of Safety & Operations
  • Sherese Lightfoot, Executive Director of Communications and Public Relations
  • Tiffany Gilmore, Director of Guidance and Counseling
  • Renee Kotsopoulos, Director of Health Services
  • Mistie Gardner, Garland OEM
  • Matt Yeager, Assistant Superintendent Technology
  • Paul Gonzales, Executive Director of Facilities/Maintenance
  • Lt. Harold Sneed, GPD
  • Sgt. Greg Baldwin, RPD
  • Sgt. James Wills, SPD 
  • Chief Mark Lee, GFD
  • Chief Neil Howard, RFD & Emergency Manager
  • Chief Marty Wade, SFD & Emergency Manager
  • Ed Balderas, Rowlett Emergency Manager
  • Tracey Bergfield, PTA President
  • Derrick Culpepper, Parent
  • Terrell Tillis, Teacher (Lyles MS)
  • Jay Stigers, Teacher (Lakeview HS)
  • Mark Quinn, Director of Security
  • Michael Pierce, Security Coordinator (Systems)
  • Gracie Rodriguez, North Garland (Paraprofessional)
  • Juston Coffman, Security Officer
  • Shauntell Moore, Security Lead

Building maintenance

We have staff working around the clock to maintain our buildings and grounds. Our team of carpenters, electricians, HVAC mechanics, painters and plumbers work together to make sure that our facilities provide a safe, attractive and efficient environment for students, staff and the community.

Our security team handles after hour and weekend calls. We invite anyone that notices a maintenance issue to call our 24-hour Security Dispatch team so that they can make sure our maintenance team makes the necessary repairs.

Contact us

24-hour Security Dispatch


Mark Quinn

Director of Security

Michael Pierce

Security Coordinator (Systems)

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GISD Maintenance


Emergency Phone Numbers

Police/Fire Emergency

Garland- 972-272-4565

Rowlett- 972-412-6201

Sachse- 972-495-2005

Poison Control


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



To submit a tip for a crime that occurred in the city of Garland:

Garland Crimestoppers

To submit a tip for a crime that occurred within Dallas, Collin, Grayson Counties:
North Texas Crimestoppers