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Winter Intersession transportation

Transportation details for Winter Intersession will be available under the portfolio section in Skyward starting at 4 p.m. on Dec. 16.

Shuttle stop schedules for high school and nonmagnet middle school students are listed below. Neighborhood stops for elementary and middle school magnet students will be viewable in Skyward.

Our school year calendar includes Intersessions.  These take place in the fall, spring and summer to support and improve the academic achievement for all students. Students who attend will receive individualized instruction tailored to their specific needs.

2021-22 Intersession dates

  • Fall: Sept. 27-Oct. 1
  • Winter: Jan. 3-6
  • Spring: March 7-11
  • Summer: June 13-23

Watch our previous Fall Intersession video for an idea of what each Intersession will look like.

What is Intersession?

Intersessions are brief breaks throughout the school year for extra academic support.

Intersessions are strategically scheduled to provide intervention, enrichment, and accelerations following a grading cycle, rather than delaying these experiences until the summer. For intervention, the ability to provide students with these more immediate recovery opportunities will reduce the likelihood of compounding knowledge gaps when new grade level content is presented and students do not possess the requisite skills.

Intersessions will:

  • help address the "summer slide", or the decline in student performance that typically happens during long breaks
  • manage the anticipated long-term impact of COVID-19
  • provide intervention, enrichment and acceleration opportunities
  • be built into the school year to provide timely student support and give extra flexibility to respond to student needs
  • provide more immediate recovery opportunities to reduce knowledge gaps

Watch this video for a detailed look at Intersession.