Enrollment Center Clinic

New protocols for Immunization clinics

Our program provides free immunizations. To qualify, children must:

  • be from 3 to 18 years of age
  • be uninsured, medically under-insured, or on Medicaid

What to bring

  • Your child's immunization record
  • A mask

To protect our families and medical professionals, we must limit the number of people inside the clinic. Only one adult and the child(ren) receiving the immunizations will be allowed inside of the clinic. Please arrange child care for other children.  Everyone who enters the clinic is required to follow social distancing guidelines and wear a mask. We apologize for any burden this causes.

 To schedule an appointment, call 972-494-8538.

We provide a variety of health and related services to students and their families. The clinic at Student Services offers a full-time registered nurse and clinic assistant as part of its staff. Please call our office for an appointment or more information.

Visitors are required to wear masks indoors at all times.

A boy, girl, and mom talking with the clinic technician

Contact us

To make an appointment or request information, please call the Enrollment Center Clinic at 972-494-8538.

Contact information for school nurses is provided on our school nurse contact page.

Provided services

A smiling boy getting his vaccinesImmunizations

Texas state laws require that students are current with immunizations to enroll in school. Our clinic can help students get the immunizations they need to attend school.

Help with verification

We help check immunization records to make sure that every student that enrolls through the enrollment center is current with immunizations.

Immunization clinics 

Our immunization clinic provides an opportunity for students to get the vaccines they need. Through our program, students can get vaccinated during the enrollment process to help them attend school faster. 

To learn more about immunization requirements, see our immunizations page.

Who can use the Immunization Clinic?

Vaccines are free for students that:

  • don’t have insurance

  • are underinsured

  • have Medicaid

  • are American Indian/Native American or Alaskan Native

If a student is covered by private insurance, they must see their primary care physician for immunizations. Students covered by CHIP need to go to the Garland Health Department or their primary care physician to get immunizations.

Available clinic dates

The clinic has specific times that families can visit to receive vaccinations:

Evening clinic

On the 4th Wednesday of the month, evening clinics by appointment will be available from 4-6:30 p.m. 

Wednesday clinic

The immunization clinic is also available by appointment only on Wednesdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The clinic will not be able to accept visitors without an appointment. Please call our office to set up an appointment. 

Community Partner program

Our clinic works with various community partners to provide our services. We can help qualifying students and family members apply for:

  • CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program)

  • Medicaid

  • TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)

  • SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) formerly “food stamps”

A picture of our counseling clinic Counseling Institute

We provide on-site counseling to students and their families to help them work through school issues, family situations, and more. The clinic is open Monday-Friday for counseling appointments. Students must have a referral from their school counselor and/or nurse to be able to attend.

Note: Nurses can find our Counseling Institute referral packet on the Intranet. 

Dental assistance

Our clinic provides emergency dental assistance in collaboration with local dentists. School nurses can make referrals to the enrollment clinic for students with a high need.

Nutrition/diabetes prevention classes

Clinic staff members teach health classes to students, families, GISD staff and community members. Our “Power Over Diabetes” and “Healthy Kids Healthy Families” classes cover practices and tips that will help your family be healthy and happy.

A smiling technician talking with a parent over the phoneService organization referrals

A Nurse Specialist is on staff to assist with referrals to various local service organizations.

Vision clinics

We provide vision clinics in collaboration with the Garland Lions Club. Students must be referred by their school nurse.