Energy Management

electric meter

Energy Management includes the planning and operation of energy and water-related consumption. 


Energy Management Program

Program implemented to shut down lighting and computers that may be left on, but are not in use after hours. This is designed to lower consumption and costs to the entire district. 

Utilities (electricity, natural gas, water, sewer) management

The Energy Management System (EMS) controls most of the district's AC and heating. Some systems are still controlled manually by the district's custodial staff. The EMS allows Energy Management to start, stop, and adjust HV AC systems through both automatic and on call time scheduling. The HV AC systems are scheduled to operate during the schedule and at the preset temperatures as set forth by the school board. Requests for HV AC operation beyond the hours outlined in the district's energy conservation guidelines must be submitted at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled event. The request can be submitted using the form in the "Resources" section below. 

Incentives/rebates opportunities

By monitoring and reporting the consumption of resources and the savings realized over the school years, especially if new, more efficient equipment is installed, Energy Management can apply for city or state incentives and rebates. 

Sustainability Program

By promoting awareness of the district's usage and cost of resources, Energy
Management can help with the formation of dialogue and actual classroom educational programs promoting ecological responsibility and sustainability.

Water Conservation Program

Through the use of the Weathermatic Watering System, the district can schedule watering to adhere to the city and county standards of conservation. The district can also monitor rainfall as well as shut down the watering system to conserve water. 

Solid Waste Disposal & Recycle Collection Program

By managing the removal of non-hazardous solid waste and recyclable materials, Energy Management can cut down on waste removal costs, the amount of waste delivered to landfills and contribute to the recycling or repurposing of resources.