DACA resources

The Garland Independent School District is steadfast in its mission to provide an exceptional education to all its students. We celebrate the diversity of our students and families and the rich language and cultural assets they bring to the district. We strongly encourage the participation of all families in our schools and are fully committed to providing a safe learning environment that facilitates the growth and well-being of every student within our care.

We believe education transforms lives, and we will strive to provide support to serve every student, regardless of background, including immigration status.

The safety and security of our students is our top priority. To help address possible concerns regarding DACA and it's potential impact on students and staff, we are providing the following resources. 

Records needed for DACA

If you attended or graduated from a Garland ISD school in 2018, 2019 or 2020 contact the last GISD campus attended.  Those records are maintained on campus.

If you attended or graduated from a Garland ISD school in 2017 or before: Complete this Google form https://bit.ly/RecordsGISD.


  • If the student is over 18 only the student can request records, per FERPA requirements.
  • Requests are processed in the order received.
  • For the protection and privacy of the student, requests will not be fulfilled without proof of identity.

Community resources

If your family is in need of services such as counseling, support groups, housing, clothing, food, substance abuse treatment, or psychiatric assessment, you may refer to the community resources page to find information and support.

Family preparedness

Unexpected situations can happen for any family. See our family preparedness page for tips to help you be prepared in case of an emergency or other unanticipated event.