COVID-19 cases by location

GISD is committed to transparency as we communicate during the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to keep our families, staff and community informed, the chart below shows the number of positive cases by location beginning  July 1, 2021.  Note: 256 of the cases reported below were diagnosed prior to the August 2, 2021 school start date.

GISD reports positive cases to the Garland Health Department and follows their self-isolation and quarantine requirements. For more information regarding notification protocols and cleaning procedures, please read:

How does Garland ISD receive its case counts? [added 9/9/20]

The Garland Health Department, GISD staff and our families notify us of lab-confirmed positive test results. We then verify the report, initiate contact tracing and send notifications.

How are the case counts updated? [added 9/9/20]

Our Director of Health Services updates the case counts as lab-confirmed positive test results are reported and verified.  The “active” number reflects current cases. When students or staff are cleared to return to school or work, they are moved to the “recovered” column.

Does the student count include both remote and face-to-face learners? [added 9/9/20]

Yes. Both face-to-face and remote learners are included. We have remote families who have reported lab-confirmed positive test results. We also have remote students who come on campus to participate in certain classes, sports, and/or extracurricular activities.