Coping with COVID-19

Male student holding handmade sign that says, "there is strength in unity"

Our counseling staff has gathered resources to help students and families minimize concerns and to offer guidance on managing and coping with stress related to COVID-19.

It is important to take care of not only your physical health but also your emotional well-being during our current national emergency. Follow these tips for taking care of your whole self:

  • Practice good hygiene to minimize germs: wash hands frequently and thoroughly, eat nutritious meals, get plenty of sleep, exercise, use social distancing and engage in relaxation/meditation.
  • Stay tuned with your psychological health and reach out for help when necessary.
  • Contact a counselor, clergy member, doctor, social worker.  In crisis, call 911 or the Crisis Center of North Texas (800) 273-8255.
  • Stay connected to loved ones. Use technology to communicate if you are unable to meet in person. Share your concerns and gratitudes.
  • Take note of how your loved ones are feeling and acting. Support them by letting them know you care and connecting them to resources.
  • Avoid excessive media coverage, but stay informed by reliable resources.

Family resources for coping with COVID-19

Our counseling staff has compiled many resources for parents and students, including how to talk to your children, look for signs of distress and ways to cope with COVID-19.