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Families in Garland ISD receive many opportunities to customize their educational experience. We offer all this and more.

True choice

In most districts, attendance zones determine where students will attend school. Our Choice of School program allows parents to select the campus they want their children to attend whether it is down the street or across town.

Check out our school directory for a listing of all 72 schools and view individual profile pages to learn more about our campuses. For an overview of our high schools in particular, see the find your fit flier (PDF).

Free public schools

There's no yearly tuition fees for attending our schools. Public education is funded by tax dollars which means we follow strict guidelines and are fully transparent and accountable for our spending.

We have a long-standing commitment to careful management of taxpayer money, making every dollar count. See our budget and more on the financial information page.

Certified, experienced teachers

We hire highly qualified, certified teachers and industry experts to provide engaging and relevant instruction for all students. On average, our teachers have 11 years of experience and 30 percent have a master's degree or better.

Registered nurses at every school

Every school has at least one full-time registered nurse on-site. They are CPR/AED certified and have received emergency preparedness training.

Find out more about the health services we offer our students to promote wellness and healthy lifestyles.

Selective magnets

Our magnet programs:

  • engage students in active, hands-on learning, from building catapults to studying stars in a portable planetarium

  • allow students to explore their passion in everything from piano and business to criminal justice and television production

  • offer enriched and accelerated learning opportunities in English, math, science and social studies

  • prepare students for entering college, even offering a free Associate of Science degree

Explore all of the specialized curriculum options available through our various magnet programs.

Arts & extracurriculars PreK-12

Our students have a wide range of opportunities to develop their talents, explore their passions and develop self-esteem and self-discipline. From choir to cheerleading, drama to drawing, strings to soccer, and everything in between, there’s truly something for everyone.

Find out more on our Athletics & spirit groups and Visual and Performing Arts pages.

Free PSAT, SAT and AP tests

We have many initiatives in place to support college & career readiness. All district students in eighth through 11th-grade take the PSAT for free and all 11th-graders take the SAT for free.

We also offer students multiple college credit opportunities and pay the Advanced Placement (AP) exam fee for all students.

See these recent news articles that highlight our commitment to preparing students for college and career:

Hundreds of career training programs

From animation to automotive technology, culinary to cosmetology and horticulture to health sciences, we offer hundreds of Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses. This allows students to explore career interests and gain employable skills. They can also earn certifications and licensing to be able to start a career or earn additional college credit upon graduation.

The Gilbreath-Reed Career and Technical Center allows students to progress to advanced-level courses taught by industry experts in a state-of-the-art learning environment. The center adds new programs and certifications, including firefighting, dentistry and cybersecurity. Other features of note include a real-world stock market ticker and bistro run by culinary students.

Special Education services

We believe that all children are entitled to educational opportunities consistent with their ability to learn. We offer numerous special education services for students with disabilities from birth through age twenty-one.

Six language options

Students can choose to take courses in six different languages including French, German, Latin, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and American sign language.

We offer dual-language magnet programs in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

In addition, we have programs and services in place to support English Language Learners.

Guidance & counseling services

Our counselors work with staff, students, parents and the community to help students develop academically, socially and psychologically. They play an important role in helping students explore academic options, transition from one grade level to the next and find their path to a successful life after high school.

Find out more on the counseling services page.

See this recent news article that speaks to our outstanding counselors:


We have a fleet of over 300 buses committed to providing safe, efficient, transportation for all eligible students. Our Transportation Department supports hundreds of routes every day with courteous, dependable and professional service.


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