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Bond 2014

With the support of its community, Garland ISD passed a $455.5 million bond election in 2014 to enhance student safety, upgrade district technology and address aging facilities. A Career and Technical Education Center and a new natatorium were also included in the bond project and promise to increase learning opportunities and public resources.

The Gilbreath-Reed Career and Technical Center, located across from Naaman Forest High School, offers more than 90 advanced CTE courses taught by industry experts in a state-of-the-art learning environment. 

The Natatorium is currently under construction. It will be located off of Firewheel Parkway in Garland. Renderings of the building can be found on the bond website

Program updates

  • On Feb.13, Trustees voted to transfer project savings from Naaman Forest High School to the Gilbreath-Reed Career and Technical Center to assist with purchasing furniture and priority 1 materials
  • On Feb. 28, Trustees voted to combine Phases 3 and 4. This new timeline is expected to save money in addition to a year on the schedule
  • New city ordinances may require storm shelters for buildings or additions constructed in Phases 2 and 3

Stack of moneyBond dollars at work

  • Computer replacement at all campuses - $15,049,548
  • Ready 1:1 launch at high schools - $15,535,755
  • Lights and restroom additions at baseball and softball fields - $11,808,775

Budget breakdown

Of the total budget, 16.5 % goes toward technology, 3.3.% goes toward program management and 80.2 % towards individual project budgets.


  • $50,000,000 – Computer replacement
  • $25,000,000 – 1:1 devices at secondary schools

Program management

  • $14,555,215 – Company to manage program (Jacobs)
  • $500,000 – Procurement staff
  • $10,000 – Bid package advertising

Project budgets

  • $365,434,785 - Labor & materials, architect & engineering fees, permits, escalation, contingency, etc.

Bond phases and timeline

  • Phase 0 runs from May 2015 through Dec. 2015 and includes lights and restroom additions at seven high school baseball and softball fields.
  • Phase 1 runs from May 2015 through Nov. 2017 and includes new construction of the Gilbreath-Reed Career and Technical Center as well as additions/renovations at 13 campuses.
  • Phase 2 runs from Oct. 2015 through Oct. 2018 and includes additions/renovations at 29 campuses.
  • Phase 3 (formerly phases 3&4) runs from Dec. 2016 through May 2019 and includes new construction of the natatorium as well as additions/renovations at 28 campuses.

Campuses included in each phase

Phase 0 campuses
  • Garland High School
  • Lakeview Centennial High School
  • Naaman Forest High School
  • North Garland High School
  • Rowlett High School
  • Sachse High School
  • South Garland High School
Phase 1 campuses
  • Armstrong Elementary School
  • Back Elementary School
  • Caldwell Elementary School
  • Handley Elementary School
  • Keeley Elementary School
  • Montclair Elementary School
  • Park Crest Elementary School
  • Southgate Elementary School
  • Austin Academy for Excellence
  • Houston Middle School
  • Lakeview Centennial High School
  • Memorial Pathway Academy
  • Naaman Forest High School
Phase 2 campuses
  • Beaver Technology Centerfor Math & Science
  • Bradfield Elementary School
  • Bullock Elementary School
  • Classical Center at Vial Elementary School
  • Club HillElementary School
  • Cooper Elementary School
  • Davis Elementary School
  • Dorsey Elementary School
  • Freeman Elementary School
  • Herfurth Elementary School
  • Hickman Elementary School
  • Kimberlin Academy for Excellence
  • Lister Elementary School
  • Roach Elementary School
  • Sewell Elementary School
  • Shorehaven Elementary School
  • Shugart Elementary School
  • Spring Creek Elementary School
  • Steadham Elementary School
  • Toler Elementary School
  • Watson Technology Center for Math & Science
  • Weaver Elementary School
  • Bussey Middle School
  • Classical Center at Brandenburg Middle School
  • Coyle Middle School
  • Schrade Middle School
  • Sellers Middle School
  • Webb Middle School
  • Garland High School
Phase 3 campuses
  • Cisneros Prekindergarten School
  • Parsons Prekindergarten School
  • Abbett Elementary School
  • Carver Elementary School
  • Centerville Elementary School
  • Couch Elementary School
  • Ethridge Elementary School
  • Golden Meadows Elementary School
  • Heather Glen Elementary School
  • Hillside Academy for Excellence
  • Liberty Grove Elementary School
  • Luna Elementary School
  • Northlake Elementary School
  • Pearson Elementary School
  • Rowlett Elementary School
  • Stephens Elementary School
  • Walnut Glen Academy for Excellence
  • Williams Elementary School
  • Hudson Middle School
  • Jackson Technology Center for Math & Science
  • Lyles Middle School
  • O’Banion Middle School
  • North Garland High School
  • Rowlett High School
  • Sachse High School
  • South Garland High School
  • Alternative Education Center
  • Pathfinder Achievement Center


The information included on this web page is also available for download as a printable pdf.

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